Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well I have to say...


Yeah, I made a huge boo-boo. Yeah SO, I MAY HAVE said somthin' negitave about Rob's Hair... and how it was... OUCH! SHE HIT ME!!! Anyway, he just, with the... and... Jesus, really? if any normal guy had hair like that and wore what Lie is proclaiming to be 'Bum Chic' all the time... he would not be as well recieved as Robert Mother-Fucking Pattinson. I rest my case.

Poor Kristen. Lie says that she probly would have threw the popcorn into someones lap or head. I thought most of the show was awkward... REALLY awkward... What the fuck was with White winged fairy man? What award did he give? REALLY? Slumdog... For serious.. I know everything is reved for the younger target but really? Really? That was a damn good movie. It lost to fucking High school Musical? MORE THAN ONCE?! I can't knock Twilight, because well I would enjoy living to see how awkward tomorrow will be.

Tomorrow... Lie's Sis and Neice, and Neice's Daddy, are comming over. well Baby Daddy, kindof sort of, makes me edgy. A little. What with the Truth or Dare and with the kissing. AND comming in my window last night to talk to MY girl about his god damn girl. JESUS!! I thought that the after math of the 'Shower Incident' Was weird... This is gonna royally suck.

Last thing... Take me on the Floor- The Veronica's... Totally annoying, then Lie sings it and it isn't AS annoying but after 5 days for hearing it no effing stop...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rocks and Socks

I know right? Anyway, All I have heard about all frickin' week is Baby this and Baby that. Really.

No, really the Baby is great. Sammy... or Ren if your Lie because she nicknames everything and it's monkey's uncle. There's Buger, and Dorkis, Baby girl, Hanny, Lime, Creek... and so many more. :)

Today Lie went with her Sis and The baby, and Baby's daddy to the Baby's appointment. It went well, then she had din-din with his family. She came home and had a fucking panic attack. To many effing people. Seriously, I don't understand. She can Act on stage, she can sing to a shit load of people, she is a master manipulator, she can covince anyone of anything, she can Lie and Cheat and Steal, but she can find a trigger for an attack so easy. I know usually there is people pressing in, not backing off, and they are people she won't fight off, or won't manipulate in that way that cause this shit... It is sad...

:) right-o. C U all L8R!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey baby.

:) Hey, So I have to stay with my sister for an extra 3 days. So I won't be able to be home until the 15th. ... I am SOO sorry. I love you My Lie!

The Wedding Prep... It is CRAZY! There is so much to set up. The Wedding is on the 12th. :) I am so Happy for you Sadie! He is the perfect guy for you!

To Lie: My baby! I totally understand the whole no sleep thing. I am so scared that if I go to sleep I will wake up to a call saying you were hurt. I understand that you want to go to Ohio alone. I Love you. So much more than you know. I promise not to hook up with any of the wedding party. Sadie says she is okay with you not being here. She understands. She says she loves you too, and if you hurt me she is going to kick your ass...

Friday, May 1, 2009

All the Pretty Little Horses.

Alright, as much as Lie's taste in music is awesome, sometimes I just want to listen to more than one mainstream song a day. She listens to mostly small indie music, and a few bigger bands, I know she followed some of the huge bands today from infancy.

I swear, my ears are bleeding from the heave metal she had on in the van today. It was good, don't get me wrong, but her CD confused the hell out of me. First we'd have a soft song, then blaring bass, then some more softness, then some classical, then some random ass rock band from finland who I thought was awesome, then All the Pretty little horses was between a song called Screwing your MotherFucker and a random German song, she said it was by Apocoliptya(SP?) It was called Helden, She would say the words in English as the guy sang them in german, it was about Hero's. Then at the end of the CD She had her new personal Favorite song that she listens to ALL the time, Still Broken by Blue October.

LUVS YA ALL GUYS! Thanks for all the awesome support lately from my friends, and Lie's Family, I don't know what or where I would be if I didn't have you guys. Actually I do, probably in a DIRT ROOM.... Which saddly Lie hunny you listen to too much.

Peace > ERIC

[LIE: Sup PEOPLE? Sorry to intruid on E's post like this, but I didn't want to go through 10 minutes of crap to get to this. I Love you guys SOOOO SOOOO much! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! I am tired loopy so Night-Night.]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Short post, basicly because I don't have anything to say. Read Lie's blog for stuff about the Shower, and some other shit we did. Feel icky, think i'm sick, Lie want't the laptop back. :) typeing random thoughts. Did you know that most mice are lactose intollerant? Yup. Lie just told me.

I'm Sorry.

[What the Fuck? What the hell is that? That is a splerge of not important thoughts you had as you typed.... I really want to call you an ASSHAT, but I think I'll save it for dinner and call My bro that instead]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Babe, Really? REALLY?

All right. FIRST let me put this out there: I am not a virgin. Lie is not a virgin. Lie and I have NOT been together like that.

Now that that is out of the way, on to my evening post.

Lie's journals, she gave me the rest of them to read. I read most of the entrys now, and I can't stop reading some of the old ones. Like about the first day she met Mikkiey. Her first time, it was actually really sweet. >NO! Damn it Nate, STOP it isn't like porn< The entry of the day she met me she said is the most embarassing one for her to have me read. Not the ones about sex, or about anyother act like it. Not the ones where she confesses things she has done or feels bad for. Not her friends sex lives. NO, the day she met me, and the week after.

MY side of how we met for the very first time.

I was at the park, I had a split lip and I was watching my neighbor's daughter, who was Lie's little sister's age. Lie's sister knocked down the girl I was watching and they started crying so we both ran up to them and made sure they were okay. They were. They ran off to play after about 30 seconds of crying. Then we did the whole weird Hi I'm Eric and you Are? thing. She asked about my bruises, and I couldn't help but tell her the truth, and the one intsy lie I did tell she called me on right away. We talked for about 3 hours until the girls came up to the table we were sitting at and her sister asked if they could go home and eat. I didn't get her Number or anything and I really wished I had. So for the next week I would go and take my neighbor's kid to the park until she got home from work. A week later, I saw the van she drove pull into the parking lot. I was so excited to see her again. I got up and walked over to her after she unleaded 3 kids from the car. I was intimidated. She had her nephew, her little brother and her 3 younger sisters with her. One of her younger sisters has something called Cerebral Palsey. (or CP) She had gotten the 4 other kids out and had them standing in the saftey position aginst the side of the car. I walked over and her nephew who was almost 4 at the time said "Aunt Lie! Stranger!!! STRANGER!" I stopped and she turned then told the boy it was okay, that she knew me. I helped her unload her sisters wheel chair and her sister. She was taken aback by my kindness. I pushed the wheel chair while the other kids ran ahead. We talked like we'd known eachother FOREVER! I helped her with her CP sister on the equipment. That little girl is so brave. (Post tomorrow about CP) I got her Number that time and I also asked her out on a date. Then after our 10 minutes of slow CP sister onn the playground time, her sis needed a break, so Her sis Sat in the swings and Lie and I ran around with the 6 other kids we had with us. My neighbor came and collected her Daughter from my care, and I helped Lie round up her lot of children. :) Then we went on our first date two days later. A Saturday. She went to the park on Thursday's at the same time. :)

The ER. The Coffee Pot. and The Broken Mug.


Yesterday, me and a few of my buddies went out to have some 'guy time'
We had guy time where I listened to them subject women to utter icky-ness, as Lie would say.
Seriously, I couldn't believe some of the things they said. THEN I got rolled into being my buddies wing man. I suck at wingman shit. I do. Really a 4 year old would make a better wing man than me. ANYWAY, I played my role dutifully, then retreated to see if my bud was successful. To say the LEAST he failed. Then the ... lady, came over and asked me if I wanted to have a drink and talk. I said NO thank you. and returned to my guy time.... well my bud was pissed. I could have had a girl, and I didn't take the chance. ... Really? I mean if I wanted to be with a girl I wouldn't be out for my fill of 'guy time' correct?

Lie watches this show called LOST. I don't mind it but really in 5 seasons I have more questions than answeres. I like JJ Abrams, but dude, Lie was ready to rip this guys head off when Sayid shot Little Ben. I don't understand the time travel thing. I don't know why Ben doesn't remember them in the Dharam Inititave. I do however have a LITTLE theroy, About the lists of people to abduct, Everyone they took, WASN'T in the DI.

Why is little Charlotte on the island? What happened to Annie? Why doesn't Big Bed remember the plain guys in the DI? What the fuck does Charles Widmore want with the Island? Why is Eloise Hawking the lady who told Desmund he couldn't ask penny to marry Penny, and the lady that helps them get back to the island? Why did onnly some of them got to the 70's? Those and SOO many more.


Monday, April 20, 2009

My prospective on dinner with the family.

Before I tell you the Dinner story I am going to appologize. I am Truly Sorry.

Alrighty. So yesterday April 20th, we were all going to have a family dinner night. It is a normal Sunday thing. Well Lie and I were going to go over to her brothers house, but those plans got canceled last minute. Like in the car ready to leave last minute. Why? No Idea.
One second I am buckeled into my seat, waiting for Lie to drive off, the next second, well lets not talk about step two, Step three was me getting the third degree from Lie's DAD because we were makeing out in the car.

THE CONVERSATION( upon exiting the car.)

Step Dad: 'What the hell do you think you are doing?!?!'
Me: 'Umm... makeing out?'
Lie: 'Seriously, are we doing this now? He sleeps in my room, lives in out house and your going to kill him for kissing me?'
Step Dad: 'Yes.'
Me: 'I'm sorry....
Step dad: 'Lie. House. NOW! You, office, Right the fuck now boy!'
Lie: 'Jesus, it's not like we haven't made out before! This is stupid! I mean really did you think that all we have done the forever we've been together is hold fucking hands?!'
My thoughts : Yes great babe, make him more mad. tell him about all the other times we made out, tell him about all of the other........(Head gets stuck in gutter)
Step Dad: *Face turns purple* "HOUSE!"
Lie: 'Yeah thats a grreat show, I really like the austrailian... he is hot, but ummm 13? she is hot too.

I think it was information over load for her step dad because he just told me to be careful. seriously? be careful? of what? Him? or like protection?

So dinner was akward to say the least.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ya I know your innocence is long gone


We wish you a happy easter,
We wish you a happy easter
We wish you a happy easter,
And lots of good fun!
Good times we will bring
for you and your Fam
Good times you will have now,
On easter this day.

Now get off your little ass and,
Take time to kiss your kids and
Sings songs of funness and of
Course we will LOVE you.

Sorry about that, I was just feeling HAPPY.

I hope you enjoy your day as much as I have, Family and Friends is what today is about. Love and Bunny No-No's is what this day is about. So ignore the weird feelings you get when you realize that Bunnies do NOT lay eggs, and pretend the black and brown jelly beans don't bother you. JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I would want to take that from you. Your Special


Rockin' ! I offically live here now! lol.

I am totally going to have a chic moment here sorry: WOOT! YES!

Guy moment: Fuck yes I live with my girlfriend. Albeit with her parents, but hey who gives a flyig fuck right?

Actually I give a flying fuck. I love her parents! I really don't want to piss them off, I mean Lie and I are still us. We are going to fight, We are going to 'Fly into a tizzy' everytime someone brings up something that should be left in the shadows. (*Chokeliechoke*) I mean seriously, asking me about How I felt about Edward leaving Bella in New Moon was not cool. Since I was with my friends. I did answer though, DUH. I just had to take about 20 hours of tourment from them. Then my buddy, Chris, said I had a 'peek-a-boo' pussy. I almost fell over laughing when I relized that was from WA. Really? Did he really? Hell yes he did. and did I bring it up to make fun of him for. You bet your sweet ass I did. My excuse for reading it is sound and secure, Lie was to loopey on her perscription to read herself. Excuse for reading the rest: Easy The Wrath of Lie. Love ya babe, don't hurt me.

Friday, April 10, 2009

... Seriously?

Umm, yeah. So, today was day two of subjected tourture where I prove I am NOT an asshole to my girlfriends parents. All the while, feeling awkward because of the conversation that too place this morning at 6 oclock.

Tomorrow is the day where I go and collect all my shit from my fathers house, and move it to Lie's house. Fun right? See I pretty much already live at Lie's. See I have clothes here, and other stuff you use or need everyday. I do not have anything beyond that here as of Friday April 10th. I am nervous, and freaking out. PLUS, what do I do with the nerd stuff I have? I mean, seriously my Lightsaber's (All 3 of them) from Best Buy, where do I put those?

I got grounded. Never in my life have I ever been grounded before, It is weird. I am not allowed to leave my room, except to eat, and do my chores. It actually is awesome.

BTW: did I mention I wasn't going to let Lie help me move anything tomorrow? She still has boo-boos on her ribbs, and god knows where else. It was almost 75 degrees in the house yesterday, and she was wareing a long sleved shirt, Long pants, a hoodie with the hood up and freaking knee high socks with tennis shoes ALL DAY! I know she is probly still bruised up but really? She had to be burning under all those clothes. I wore basketball shorts, and a colts jersey that I pulled out of Lie's brothers closet because Lie was doing laundry. I still feel weird when her mom folds my clothes, Her mom FOLDS my UNDERWARE! Why? To save room in my basket for other clothes. Seriously? folded or not they take up the same amount of space.

Sorry for the little rant, I needed it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great day to you.

Early this morning I was sleeping, then the house phone rang... and rang... and fucking rang. So I went downstairs to answer it and bitch at whom ever decided it was a good idea to call at 4:30. You don't call people at four thirty. It is just not done. I answered the phone half way through the first ring and was ready to give the person on the other end the third degree, when Lie answered my pissed off 'Hello?' I forgot she went to 'Sarah's house' I didn't even notice that she wasn't in the room... I am now officially the worst guy ever. Well anyway, I asked the standard 'What do you need?' and I was mildly annoyed I would have to drive this early. I went to go pick her up at Sarah's house, which is about 6 miles from her own. There was two fucking police cars in the driveway. The sheriff was in the front yard. Fun right? I walked up, and greeted the Police men. Because I am just nice that way. The Sheriff explained that a call to 911 about a burglar came from the house. Naturally, because trouble fucking follows Lie around. I walked to the door, and was met with the wonderful site of Creek sitting on the couch, feet on the coffee table. I looked around and Lie was sitting in the arm chair across from him. They seemed to be fighting- yeah babe I saw that.- I drove back home in silence. I just went back upstairs, and relized that I left the damn dog in the bedroom. It was throughly destroyed. Blankets, pillows, mattress, stuffed animals, everything. It sucked. We cleaned in silence. Then Lie asked "Don't you want to know?" and I replied "No. Your safe, your home, that is all that matters." and she cried. I noticed that her Moo-Moo wasn't in the room when she was crying and when I asked she cried harder. So, I will just leave it alone. But I think it is safe to assume that she gave it the Little Charrley.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Follow the rules

Well, I took Lie's computer. It was keeping her from resting. That is my excuse, She'll have my ass when she gets it back and reads this. ;)

See, she has a LOW temperature. It was ninety fucking three! 93! Sunday! She Still wanted to go to that fuck practice for the play!! After listening to her yell at me for everything, she cried, and then went to sleep. This morning, her temp was still low. So, I evoked some rules. Nothing huge, just the usual 1Stay in bed and rest. 2Keep warm with blankets. 3 No BAM the Dog. Why no dog? Because he is huge, and he smooshes her. It is not conducive to relaxing and staying warm.
Then she got snappy and said "Why don't you just say no contact either?" So I said it. No Contact, with anyone. Thats how fucking stupid I am. I agreed, easily, to the dumbest rule in the history of illness. So, after agonizing over shit in our room, I decided I would go downstairs and talk with her Mom. Then I played with Bam the Dog, which made me feel shitty. I stayed downstairs till around noon, then I decided, she made the damn rule, she can enforce it. So I went upstairs and I sat for a while until about 2:30 when her brothers and sisters got home. I came back upstairs to find Miss Lie, sitting by the window, laptop in hand, blankets forgotten on the warm half of the room. It pissed me off to no end! It also made me think that if she broke my ruleS I should be able to break her rule, without feeling shitty. Well I can't.

It has been quietly -and of course I mean yelled with excessive cursing- that she will go to theater tonight. Nice Huh? Well I don't understand why she is so... I mean... She is clumsy, she gets hurt on a daily basis. She gets sick so fucking easy. She is crazy in ways that can't be explained, and I know she is stressed out to the max. It is frustrating. It is scary.